Ayrshire Symphony Orchestra Constitution


The name of the Society shall be the Ayrshire Symphony Orchestra, hereinafter referred to as the Society.

The Objects of the Society shall be to educate the public in the arts and sciences, and in particular the art and science of music, by the presentation of concerts and other activities.

The members of the Society shall be those persons who pay the annual subscription at the appropriate rate or rates as shall be determined by the Committee, the subscription being payable in advance, and (in the case of performing members) who shall provide such evidence of musical ability as the Committee may require.

Officers and Committee
The Management of the Society shall be in the hands of a Committee consisting of a Chairperson, an Honorary Secretary, an Honorary Treasurer, and at least four other members. The Officers and the other Committee members shall be elected out of the Society’s members at the Annual General Meeting.  They shall hold office for one year and be eligible for re-election, with the members of the Committee not holding office serving for a maximum of three consecutive years.  At all Committee meetings, five shall form a quorum.

All the arrangements for the concerts and other events and the control of finance shall be in the hands of the Committee.

a)    The Society is a non-profit making organisation.
b)   The financial year shall end on 15thMay.
c)   A banking account shall be opened in the name of the Society and cheques shall be signed by the Honorary Treasurer.
d)   The Society may receive donations, grants in aid and financial guarantees, and tickets for any or all of its concerts and other events may be offered for sale to the public.
e)   The income and property of the Society whencesoever derived shall be applied solely towards promoting the objects of the Society as set forth above and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred either directly or indirectly to any member or members of the Society except in payment for legitimate expenses incurred on behalf of the Society.
f)     In the event of the winding up or dissolution of the Society any remaining assets after all liabilities have been discharged shall not be paid or transferred to any member of the Society but shall be transferred to a charitable organisation whose Objects are similar to those of the Society, and whose rules prevent the distribution of income and assets among its members.
g)    The Honorary Treasurer shall keep proper accounts of the finances of the Society.  The accounts shall be audited at least once per year by an auditor or examined and certified by a capable independent examiner.

General Meeting
Within six weeks of the end of each financial year the members shall be summoned to an Annual General Meeting of which at least seven days notice in writing shall be given. At all Annual General Meetings, twelve shall form a quorum.